Thy Cookie Dropper

​Web Series

The Most Awesome

Murder Mystery Writer

​​​All videos written and produced by Spec Labs Film class

D. Coolest

Atticus & Atticus

Episode #2- "The Tale of Fishmas"

Sing Your Thoughts

The Most Awesome

Wizard of the Opera

Turkey Guy


The full length radio play, "Stanley's Cure For Fear" performed live by Spectrum Laboratory Halloween 2015

The Most Awesome Greaser

The Most Awesome Thinker

The Most Awesome Pop Stars

​Miss Ellaneous & Zorena


Atticus & Atticus

Episode #3- "Virtual Reality"

Awesome Weather Man

The Most Awesome Door to Door

Actor Salesman

Green Screen Improv Series

Planets Unite Part 1

Green Screen Improv

Atticus & Atticus

Episode #1- "Mustache the Cat"

Planets Unite Part 2

Orphan Story (trailer)

Floating Skateboard Machine

Short Films