Thy Cookie Dropper

​Web Series

The Most Awesome

Murder Mystery Writer

Awesome Weather Man

The Most Awesome Door to Door

Actor Salesman

Green Screen Improv Series

Planets Unite Part 1

Green Screen Improv

Atticus & Atticus

Episode #1- "Mustache the Cat"

Planets Unite Part 2

Orphan Story (trailer)

Floating Skateboard Machine

Short Films

D. Coolest

Atticus & Atticus

Episode #2- "The Tale of Fishmas"

The Most Awesome Greaser


Turkey Guy

The Most Awesome Thinker

The Most Awesome

Wizard of the Opera

Atticus & Atticus

Episode #3- "Virtual Reality"

​​​All videos written and produced by Spec Labs Film class

Sing Your Thoughts

The Most Awesome Pop Stars

​Miss Ellaneous & Zorena


The full length radio play, "Stanley's Cure For Fear" performed live by Spectrum Laboratory Halloween 2015