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Conan O'Brien
supports Spec Lab!

Netflix's "Atypical" Casting Associate leads a workshop at Spec Labs!

Ryn Weaver surprises Lucas, one of our artists. Ryn is a fan of Spectrum Laboratory and loves our music and videos!

Exceptional Minds teams up with Spectrum Laboratory to animate our song 
"Love is Sad & Happy"!


Spec Labs supporting Autism Works Nowand their mission to employ people with Autism! This video played during the Temple Grandin and friends event at Club Nokia in Los Angeles in 2015




Lesley Ann Warren, Golden Globe Nominated Actress


     "I was invited to The Spectrum Laboratory Festival and it was a complete joy! The generosity and commitment of the teachers and the pure thrill of the young peoplepresenting their creative endeavors was both moving and tremendously impressive. Spectrum is giving a much needed and deeply appreciated voice and venue to all who participate!"

Christine Romeo, Actress, Producer and Parent of Spec Labs artist Abbey


"For any parent with a child on the spectrum, the arts ( both music and acting) will help your kid in so many areas. I was amazed that Abbey was able to do this, shocked actually. She is 100% better than she used to be and surprises me everyday. Thank you to Spec Labs for creating a program that helps spectrum kids show their creative side but also helps with social interaction, self confidence, self esteem and everything else!!!!"


Dr. Leonard Felder, Psychologist, PhD and Parent of Spec Labs artist Steven


     "For a parent of a special needs child, the degree of isolation is huge and there’s a lot of situations that don’t work, but when you find one that does, like Spec Lab, it’s fantastic. When a place has all these really caring and talented people helping to empower their students by making connections and building a community, it’s teaching great social skills and values for life. Not only does Spec Lab create productions that are really watchable and exciting, but there is also a lot of support for each individual’s creative ideas and that’s an amazing thing."

Atticus Couger, Spec Labs artist

“For everyone involved, Spectrum Laboratory is an invaluable gift. What Jason and
Garth have created is something where teens on the spectrum can discover who they are, and, often for the first time, be who they want to be. I wish every teen on the spectrum could experience that."

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