Voice Acting

It was the muggiest August tinseltown had ever seen...the year was 1941... The Los Angeles sun was setting against the backdrop of the Hollywoodland sign. It was Spectrum Studios big night, as always, they were leading the nominations at the Golden Mic Awards. Spectrum’s Studio Head Mr. S. was alive with excitement... until he wasn’t...

Join online to create an original 1940s stylized murder mystery radio broadcast! This is a great class for all levels of actors as well as someone who is interested in learning what the voiceover and creative world is all about. 

Learn the tools that professional voice actors use, find the colors of your voice and free the different parts of yourself that live inside you. Meet new friends who love the same cartoons as you, while getting guidance from professional voice over coaches. Enhance socialization skills as well as learn how to create a demo reel, create your own characters and record yourself to tape for auditions. No prior experience necessary!


All abilities welcome, ages 12 and up

Saturdays 11AM - 12:30PM on Zoom

August 29th - December 12th


One on One Mentorships

Learn one on one with an artist mentor to grow your talent. This is recommended for students with a clear and professional objective in mind. Each student mentorship will be tailored to match what they desire to learn. Mentorships are available for a wide range of vocations in the entertainment industry. Inquire to learn more.

This class has been maxed out! To reserve a space for our Spring session next year please write to thespectrumlaboratory@gmail.com