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On Camera Acting 

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THURSDAYS 4-5:30pm 


Spring session starts February 22nd!

12 classes (3 months) + an online catalogue of all your filmed scenes to watch!


A film and television scene analysis acting for camera class. Students will learn the art of on camera acting by practicing their skills in front of cameras in class and being able to watch their performances back. The instructor will pair students up in scenes from their favorite tv shows and films and provide coaching and feedback on each performance. Instructor will also discuss on camera acting techniques such as eye lines, hitting your mark, not over-acting, being yourself, serving the story, lighting sensitivity practicing, and more! If you want to get better at auditioning and acting for tv and film, this is the class for you!

“The eyes are the windows into the soul”



New Location!

The Victory Theatre in Burbank!

Short Film Production

TUESDAYS 3:30 - 5:15pm 


15 classes (includes filming days outside of class)

Spring session starts February 20th! 

Learn the art of how to make a short film! Work in front of and behind camera with professional filmmakers and your peers.

In this Fall semester, You and a team of peers will filming your own scripts and creating your own characters. Then we will rehearse what we wrote and go into production.

Whether your passion is in acting, script writing, camera work, directing, producing, editing, etc. Whatever your interest may be, this is the class to explore your talents in filmmaking. 


All productions created in this class are SAG short films and made with the intent to submit to film festivals! This is an advanced class for those who are passionate about filmmaking.


*Pre-requisite* Students must have on camera acting experience or have been a part of Spectrum Laboratory for at least one year.



Location: Leo Baeck Temple,
1300 N. Sepulveda Blvd, Los Angeles


Sketch Comedy & Improv Acting 

THURSDAYS 5:30-7pm 



Spring session starts February 22nd!!


12 classes  +

2 Live Shows in front of an audience on stage at the Victory Theatre on 

May 30th!!

Do you want to write or act in comedy sketches, like Saturday Night Live, In Living Colour, Key & Peele, etc? Then this is the class for you! 

Learn the art of sketch comedy writing and acting improvisational tools and methods taught at schools like The Groundlings, UCB, Second City, etc. Be a part of a comedy sketch and improv team which will enhance your socialization skills, help you gain confidence and self esteem, all while learning how to write, act and perform in front of an audience…and most importantly, having fun…and laughing...a lot.


This class is a writing and performing workshop, with a LIVE SHOW performance at the end of the semester.


New Location!

The Victory Theatre in Burbank!

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Acting Audition & Apprenticeship Program

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TUESDAYS 2-3:15pm


12 sessions (ongoing)


You will focus on building a professional portfolio, including headshots, acting profiles online (backstage, actors access, imdb, etc) with our team of industry professionals. Learn how to set up your own self tape for auditions, set up in home and have access to our studio for auditions. Great to be taken along with or after you get your demo reel. 

We will also strengthen your skills for on camera auditioning for self tape and in person auditions. We will work with you so everything you present to casting directors, agents, managers, directors, producers, etc will be of the highest quality and improve your chances of success! We will also help you seek out and apply for acting auditions and find roles that are suited for you! 


Only for actors that are passionate and hard working, who have the drive and focus to compete in the competitive world of acting.

*Prerequisite* must be enrolled in our on camera or short film production classes or have been with Spec Labs for at least one year


Location: Leo Baeck Temple,

1300 N. Sepulveda Blvd, Los Angeles

Create Your Acting Demo Reel

This is only for actors who want to audition for on camera acting roles and have an agent or manager and or trying to seek representation. An acting demo reel will consist of on camera acting work you have already done on tv, commercials, films, etc (NO THEATRE). If you have some content from previous work and would like to create some new content then this is right for you! You will be paired up with an industry professional from Spec Labs team that will help you create your brand new acting reel. If you don’t have  a lot of previous footage, that may be okay, as we can write and film a new scene for your reel. This reel is the actor's calling card and is meant to be submitted continuously for prospective clients and auditions.


(online & in person available)

To learn more e-mail Jason at:

Private Lessons & Mentorships 

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For those of you who don't feel like a group class is your jam, we offer some great options for students and artists seeking private instruction for whatever their passion may be in! such as:

* Acting coaching for auditions 


* Audition coaching for self tape 

* Scriptwriting for tv, web and film 

*Editing 101- basic editing tools 

*Filmmaking 101- how to create your own film from scratch


All mentorships available in person or online

*To learn more please e-mail Jason Weissbrod at:

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