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Mindfulness Membership!

A therapeutic workshop blending light yoga, sound healing, breathing exercises & meditation! We'll begin with some restoration exercises and meditation to clear the mind and feel free! Then some beginning yoga to stretch out the body and warm up the soul. We will end with a soothing sound bath to relax and let your mind go.  A perfect balance to help heal the body and spirit, creating inner peace.

All ages & all abilities welcome!

Weekdays from 11am -12pm (Online- Zoom)

Tier Level One: $150 for 5 mindfulness sessions

Tier Level Two: $300 for 11 mindfulness sessions 

MINDFUL MEMBERSHIP PLUS: $400 includes 11 mindfulness sessions, plus a private mindset coaching session with our amazing instructor Joalena! Plus weekly e-mail check-ins with mindfulness tips and exercises to help your practice.

PRIVATE MINDSET COACHING: 1 on 1 private coaching with our mindfulness instructor, Joalena. A blend of life coaching, meditation, sound healing and more! Joalena will work with you on life goals, challenges and setting up your mind to achieve your highest potential. If interested please e-mail: to discuss rate and schedule.

*Zoom link will be sent once enrolled*

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