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Find your way to New York’s Museum of the Moving Image website to see Spec Labs’ very own Caroline Corry shedding a little light on the banner of the 2023 Marvels of Media webpage. The picture shows Corry as The Lightbulb from Spectrum League, a Spec Labs’ short film about superheroes fighting for their right to bring color to the world. Marvels of Media, hosted by the Museum of the Moving Image, is an awards ceremony, film festival, and exhibition all wrapped into one, with a focus on media makers on the autism spectrum. This year, the Spectrum League team will be healing the world through color at the Marvels of Media 2023 exhibit. The Spectrum League poster, created by Head of Art and Design at Spec Labs, Amos Stillwell, will be on display at the museum for all to see from March 30th until May 7th. The poster will accompany a screening on April 8th from 3 to 5 pm where the Spectrum League will come to life for MoMI visitors and become everyone’s next favorite crime-fighting team. Watch the video below to meet the team for yourself!

Last year, at the first annual Marvels of Media event, Specs Labs’ short film, Boys Don’t Wear Dresses, took home an Honorable Mention award for the Narrative Short category.

This year the streak continues with Spec Labs’ VR film, Use Your Imagination (which you can watch below). Use Your Imagination is a virtual reality musical created by a talented group of autistic and neurodivergent filmmakers, musicians, singers, and actors. The Spec Labs film will be taking home this year’s Collaborative Innovation Award at the Marvels of Media Awards. To learn more about the making of Use Your Imagination, check out this article in local magazine, L.A. Parent.

Spec Labs' co-founder, Jason Weissbrod, will also be moderating a virtual director’s roundtable, where the Marvels of Media filmmakers will discuss the creative processes behind their films. If you’d like to join in on the discussion and celebrate artists on the spectrum, you can follow this link to the webinar event page or click on the image below.

To top it all off, Spec Lab student Shane McKaskle is also receiving an award at the Marvels of Media ceremony for his video game, Car Machine.

We are very excited for everyone being celebrated at the 2023 Marvels of Media event and are proud of all the hard work the Spectrum Laboratory team has accomplished. Watch the video below to see our appreciation for this incredible honor from the Museum of the Moving Image!

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Learn more about how Spec Labs started and what they are up to now, with this awesome article featured in VoyageLA, an online magazine.

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Speech Kingdom (, creators of an innovative language, cognitive and social learning application for the phone and computer, have hired on Spectrum Laboratory to provide talent and manage voiceover production. Under the direction of Spec Lab's Head of Voice Acting, and award winning actor Cathy McAuley, 14 voice acting students have been hired to work on the project so far.

Carlos - Domonique Brown

Emma - Emma Bathum

Ana - Ann Postlewaite (also a sound engineer on the project)

Jane - Caroline Taylor Corry

Maddie - Faith Butterfield

Charlie - Henry dodds

Joey - Jake Tashjian

Mark - Lucas Salusky (also a sound engineer on the project)

Hector - Luis Tirado

Friend - Micah Stumbaugh

Dad 1 - Tyler Berman

Dad 2 - Shane McKaskle

Sarah - Zoe Ramos

All of these artists are on the spectrum and most have been through years of speech therapy as well. Being hired and valued as a voice actor for Speech Kingdom represents a great victory in their lives and a professional milestone.

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