Did you ever hear a song and think to yourself, "That's the coolest song in the world"? Well, it seems like that's exactly what Max McGinley has done in his attempt to cover "Rebel Rebel" by rock legend, David Bowie. While the blaring rock-and-roll instrumentation has been toned down from the original, the passion is still there! In 1974, "Rebel Rebel"'s declarations of gender-bending were seen as innovative and radical. Flash forward almost four and a half decades later, and the song's power can still be felt. Max might not be attempting to be revolutionary the way Bowie was, but Max is still clearly having fun here. And nothing's better than just having fun with what you do, right?!

Listen now: https://distrokid.com/hyperfollow/maxmcginley/rebel-rebel

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A collaborative effort between Spec Lab students Lucas Salusky and Miles LeBlanc, both of whom are fans of the techno/dance genre, "Fresh Air" is spring and summer encapsulated into sound! Mixing a variety of different keyboard sounds and synthetic beats, "Fresh Air" seems like something cribbed straight out of the Fatboy Slim catalog, bearing somewhat a resemblance to latter-day Moby tunes as well. Lucas takes on the spoken vocals, rapped in a fashion that is both deadpan and rhythmic, while Miles adds fleeting, evaporative, Bowie-esque vocals to the parts of the song that are supposed to be sung. The lyrics to "Fresh Air," as can be inferred from the title of the song, is about the desire to be out and about during the warmest months of the year (or perhaps just any time at all). We have all wanted to set foot into the wild, especially during this last year and a half, and "Fresh Air" is the perfect way to paint a musical picture of both the desire and anxiety we have felt during that time!

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Spec Lab musician, Nick Brode, is passionate about traveling, and he brings that subject to the forefront in his latest piece, "Let's Get Out of Here." The mood of the song is a wistful, bittersweet one, with music evocative of 1970's singer/songwriters such as Cat Stevens and James Taylor. The crisp, autumnal sound of the acoustic guitar, ukulele, and 12-string, combined with Nick's yearning yet fluid vocals set the right atmosphere for a good road song. Of course, this would be a "road song" for those sweet and sentimental times you feel like you miss something or someone from far away, not a fast and furious "Born to Be Wild" type of road song. From the very first verse, during which Nick sings, "Getting bored. Need someplace new," he makes it clear that he has a thirst for adventure. Sights, people, food, nature, you name it! Nick mentions it all in this song, and he is ready to explore the world beyond his home and all the riches it has to offer!

Listen now to "Let's Get Out of Here":


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