Studio Voiceover


Voice actor extraordinaire and your personal voice coach and mentor Cathy McAuley!


It’s time to get SERIOUS Voiceover Artists! We have just up’d the game and this semester is the next closest thing to you auditioning and doing a booked job session. We will be working out of Fever Studios, a new professional recording studio! In the studio you will be put through the process of perfecting your craft, stretching your abilities, learning “in the booth” one on one techniques along with the requirements of creating your at home studio. You'll develop your editing skills, the beginnings of creating your demo, and true voiceover professionalism. We will model the actual audition process as well as the job after you have booked the gig. You will learn how to follow directions and then how to follow multiple redirections, armed with experience to remain calm when last minute script or character changes occur. The Confident Artist is right around the corner and those training wheels are about to fly off! 

"Personally, I can’t wait to see & hear you all grow, laugh & soar!  This is the real life of booth life!” ~Cathy McAuley (your voice coach and mentor)


No prior experience necessary. All ages and abilities welcome! This class is for those who share a desire, respect and passion for the world of voiceover.  


Saturdays 60 minutes

September 11th - December 18th

afternoon and evening time slots available

 *please visit our online scheduler here to book your preferred time slot

@ Fever Recording Studios

in North Hollywood

5739 Tujunga Ave,

North Hollywood, CA 91601

*We may have some resources available for financial assistance. Please visit here to learn more.



One on One Mentorships

Learn one on one with an artist mentor to grow your talent. This is recommended for students with a clear and professional objective in mind. Each student mentorship will be tailored to match what they desire to learn. Mentorships are available for a wide range of vocations in the entertainment industry. Inquire to learn more.