Help an artist on the spectrum break through the inclusion barrier.

Our scholarships, financial aid and facilities rely on donor support. Your donation dollars are helping us achieve inclusion for our artists on a personal level, finding friendships and community, and within the larger entertainment industry. 




You just helped an emerging artist hone their craft by contributing to the scholarship fund!

Give the tools and time needed for an artist to write and record a song, learn how to audition or write a script.

Our Results 

We combine an art education conservatory with real-world commercial production, making us a place for neurodivergent artists to learn, collaborate, and produce their best works in filmmaking, music, voice acting, animation, and visual art. 

  • Many Spectrum Laboratory students have appeared on the Netflix show “Atypical”

  • We created “Boys Don’t Wear Dresses”, a 2019 short film that explores the life of a transgender ASD youth. In 2020, this original film won the Festival Award for “Best Screenplay” at the Moving Parts Film Festival. 

  • Students regularly secure auditions and employment for acting and voice acting roles

  • Students have landed paid jobs scoring productions for “Sesame Street”, “Exceptional Minds”, and the “Special Olympics”