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Meet the Founders

Jason Weissbrod

Co-founder &

Head of Film & Acting Programs


Jason has a Bachelor’s degree in Directing and Acting for Film and Theatre and has directed, produced, written, edited and starred in many films, television shows, web series, commercials and theatre productions. Jason became involved with the neurodiverse and autism community over 15 years ago through his work with The Miracle Project as their theatre director and lead acting coach. He also worked with programs and organizations such as Tree Academy, The Help Group, Autism On The Seas, and CSUN's Teenage Drama Workshop. Over time many neurodivergent and autistic artists told Jason they wanted to make professional movies, record music and eventually work in the entertainment industry. This inspired Jason and his colleague, Garth Herberg, to create Spectrum Laboratory. Jason and Garth believe that teaming up neurodivergent artists along with entertainment professionals stimulates everyone’s creativity and talent. Jason says, “Show people what they can do and magic will ensue!” And it has! Jason feels blessed to be able to do what he loves each day and thanks all who support Spec Labs!

Garth Herberg 

Co-founder &

Head of Music Programs


Garth has been active as both a musician and educator for over ten years. In 2006 he received his Bachelor's degree in Music Composition from Cal State University Northridge. From 2010 - 2012 he was signed as a recording artist with Frenchkiss Records, along with his bandmates (Races). His touring experience and recording credits as a musician, producer and composer/arranger have included work with many acts (The Janks, Races, The Shivers, Kaely Yuchno). He has also worked on several television and film projects as a composer (Ordained, Fallen Idols, Sesame Street, Special Olympics, Boys Don't Wear Dresses). He has served as a music instructor at Bridges Academy, a school for 2e students on the autism spectrum; The Miracle Project as music director and composer; and CSUN's Teenage Drama Workshop as composer and music director: The Lex Theatre Company as music director and composer. While working at Bridges Academy, CSUN and The Miracle Project, Garth encountered neurodiversity among many wonderful young artists. The laughter, creativity and growth he shared with them moved him towards the role of music mentor and producer. He started Spec Labs with Jason so these vital, unique and authentic voices can find a place in the entertainment industry and inspire the world!

Jason and Garth caricature v4 color.png

Meet our Team


Cathy McAuley

Head of Voice Acting Program


Cathy McAuley is a Clio award winning actor and head of Voice Acting for Spectrum Laboratory. Cathy's career as a professional actor spans over 3 decades. She considers herself a journeyman actor as she has been able to successfully weave theater, television, film and voiceover into her ever evolving body of work. McAuley also holds an Honorary Doctorate of Fine Arts from the University of Hawaii. She has appeared in over 200 television & radio commercials, and also has guest starred on many episodic television series. One of her more notable roles was her recurring character on Night Court where she played “Wanda the Matchmaker,” Bull's Wife. Cathy has countless professional theater credits including 6 Broadway National Tours co-starring with the legendary Tim Conway. McAuley believes, "What you rehearse is what you will do!"

Bob Demarco 

Founder of Ability Life Solutions & Boardmember


Bob DeMarco started playing guitar professionally at 14. He began composing music for Television in 1994 - “Hard Copy”, “Entertainment Tonight”, ”Rachael Ray”, “Ellen” and ”The Bachelor”. Also themes for “Dr Phil”, “Extra”, “The Insider”, and “The Doctors”. Bob has served on the board of directors since Spec Labs began and continues to do so. He has been a key mentor for Spectrum Laboratory, availing his studio to our artists and working tirelessly on Spectrum Laboratory's records and film scores. He is also a lead consultant helping our program expand and serve new communities.


Amos Stillwell 

Visual Artist and Filmmaker.

Head of Art & Design team at Spec Labs. He is also an assistant instructor for the film and acting programs.





Dan Reilly

Musician, Songwriter and Music Instructor 


Domonique Brown

Actor, Spec Lab Records' Recording Artist, Assistant instructor for Spec Labs Film and Acting programs.




Theresa Corinne Wegher-Thompson

Theresa is an LA based vocal coach and performing artist. Since joining the Spectrum Laboratory team in 2021, she has supported the Recording Workshop, Stage Performance Class, and Songwriting Workshop in addition to leading the Singing Studio. 


Lucas engineering.jpg

Lucas Salusky

Recording Artist & Engineer




Liv Brazill

Musician, Songwriter and Music Instructor 


Owen Robinson

Sketch & Improv Instructor, writer and performer

insta: @dameowenrobinson


Joalena Marie

Mindfulness Instructor for Spec Labs,

Founder of Heal With Me 

where she is a Lifestyle Coach  & Sound Healer

insta: @heal.withme

Chris Acevedo.jpg

Chris Acevedo

Sound Engineer and Studio Musician




Ben Avchen

Filmmaker and Editor

insta: @buzznben_


Samara Wolpe

Assistant Instructor & Volunteer Extraordinaire

She loves to help our amazing artists achieve their dreams and assist in the creation of everything from films to music videos! Samara is currently pursuing autism research in graduate school at UCLA. 

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