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Art & Design

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Brand New Art & Design Class!
Starts Wednesday March 13th!
12 sessions total (rolling admission)

Learn the tools to create your own characters, storyboards, illustrations, basic animation and more! Taught by Spec Labs Head of Art & Design, Amos Stillwell.

This 3 month course is designed to teach students the fundamentals of quality illustration and design, as well as how to use the tools to achieve their goals. Using skills and lessons learned from working in the animation industry as well as art schools like the Rhode Island School of Design and the School of Visual Arts. Amos Stillwell will give you the tools to make your creations as effective and professional as possible. This class will focus on skills that people of all skill levels need to succeed. By bolstering the fundamentals that are needed for all great artists to grow. Students will start with the fundamentals of composition of a 2D image, and then learn how to illustrate characters and environments at a professional standard. This will culminate in the creation of a short comic or animation of their own design!

Location: 5344 Laurel Canyon Blvd, North Hollywood
(at the Nu
rture and Nature office)
Time: Wednesdays 5- 6:30pm

March 13- June 5th


Hire the Spec Labs Art & Design Team!

We have multi-talented artists for hire in many fields such as:

* Animation for short production











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Ziggy Simpson Storyboard.jpeg

*Illustration & Graphic Design

Caricature 5 v3 color .jpg

*To learn more & hire our artists please e-mail Jason Weissbrod at:

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