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Film Your Monologue

Find a great location in your home, or outside to film yourself acting out your written monologue. Try to get creative with your background or location. Try to find something that makes sense with your story. We highly recommend you dress in a costume or have a fun wardrobe for this that best represents your character. 

example: If you are a king film yourself acting your monologue out as the king! Wear a crown, sit in a throne, use a broom as a scepter! The more creative and fun you have with this the better it will look in your final video!

Recreate Your Storyboard

Recreate the 4 panels from your storyboard as best you can. Get creative! Wear a costume that works for your character in each panel. Create your magic object/ prop on your own. For extra fun you can film yourself against a colored background. Our editors will be able to use some movie magic and put you in a new fantasy setting! Use a wall where you live or hang up a colored sheet! Avoid a black or white background and be sure to wear clothes that are a different color than your background.

Create More Imagery

This is the time to finalize your video with some great images. We can use photos, find stock footage online, whatever is needed to best tell your story. your Spec Labs mentor will help you compile as much as possible during your 60 minute session. We encourage you to get as creative as possible! Tell this story the way YOU want to.

example: You can take photos against a plain color wall. The best wall colors for this are green, blue or yellow. If you don’t have those colors just try to find a wall that is a different color than what you are wearing or skin color.

Send your videos and pictures to

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