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"Seven Days Are Fun" reviewed by Spencer Griffin

In an effort to get the little ones excited about learning without getting their parents and older siblings feeling frustrated in the process, Domonique Brown's "Seven Days Are Fun" is a happy, spirited song about knowing the names of each day of the week, with one special activity mentioned for each of the seven days. For instance, "Monday is a pool day, swimming in the water," and "Tuesday is a book day. Remember to stay quiet." Dom sings about half the lines in this song, while the other half are sung by collaborator and fellow SpecLab student, Ann Postlewaite. Both Ann and Dom have smooth, sweet tenor vocals that go great with the catchiness of this song that occasionally harmonize with one another. In the midst of all the sunshine and sweetness the song has to offer, yet another SpecLab student, instrumental wizard Sean McCrae, lays down some funky bass riffs to add yet another appealing layer to this chipper composition. As the song is marketed to young children, preschool and kindergarten students will likely enjoy "Seven Days Are Fun," but for anyone who grew up on series like Sesame Street and Schoolhouse Rock who has fond memories of such shows, "Seven Days..." is a treat worth listening to for that demographic as well!

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