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Spec Labs & UCB Theatre Partner for their first ever Neurodiversity Improv Comedy Show! April 29th!

Spec Labs’ Improv & Sketch Comedy troupe will be hitting the stage on April 29th at the Upright Citizens Brigade (UCB) Theatre in Hollywood! (

In celebration of Autism Acceptance Month, UCB is hosting its first Neurodiversity Community Night with Spec Labs where we can laugh, play, and connect! The event will feature an improv performance, a panel discussion, and one big JAM session with UCB performers and the Spec Labs Improv Players. Join us for lots of “Yes, and's", some side-splitting comedy, and a celebration of inclusion within the comedic arts!

The Upright Citizens Brigade is a comedy institution and training center famous for its live comedy showcases which have cultivated a space for established comedians and emerging talents to share their humor with the world. Spec Labs is honored to partner with UCB and demonstrate the comedic talent of our autistic and neurodivergent performers. This is a dream come true for Spec Labs Co-Founder and Improv Teacher, Jason Weissbrod. "When I first started our improv comedy class, this is what I dreamed of! Partnering with UCB, the improv training school I am an alumni of, makes my heart sing and am so excited to see where this partnership takes us!" Spec Labs is also going to be leading training workshops for UCB to educate their teachers on how to best advocate and support Neurodiverse students in the UCB classrooms. This is just the beginning of a very awesome collaboration between Spec Labs and UCB.

The Spec Labs Players rehearsing a sketch for their upcoming performance.

The show takes place on Monday, April 29th at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre located at 1925 N Bronson Ave Los Angeles, CA 90068. The fun kicks off at 6 pm! Make sure to grab a friend (or two, or four, or more!) and secure your spots for this hysterical and enlightening night of comedy and inclusion!

Tickets are $10 and available for purchase now at Shows - Upright Citizens Brigade (

We can’t wait to make you laugh with us!

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