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Spectrum Laboratory Presents: "The Odd Taste"!

Updated: Apr 19

Spec Labs’ newest film, “The Odd Taste,” has landed!

Our five-minute buddy comedy is co-written by star, Matthew Von Der Ahe (Instagram: @mondays_with_matt), director, Jason Weissbrod, and Abe Farelly (Instagram: @abefarelly) and is our submission to the 2024 Easterseals Disability Film Challenge! Our Spec Labs crew put this amusing short together in just five short days for the challenge. The film stars Domonique Brown and Von Der Ahe as two friends who wake up one day and find their tastes are…quite different. Shenanigans and whipped cream burgers ensue as our two friends come to term with their differences and what it means for their friendship.

This Saturday, the film was released to the public and is now available to watch on the Easterseals Disability Film Challenge social pages! Right now, we are in the middle of the Awareness Campaign for all the films submitted to the Disability Film Challenge. The campaign goes until April 21st, so make sure to comment, like, and share the “odd” love around to everyone you can! We want as many people to see this awesome film as possible! Head to this link or watch the video below to see the film for yourself!

When you’re making a film as “odd” as this one, you’re bound to have some fun on set. Laughter was constant between and after takes. Our two filming days consisted of lots of funky wardrobe changes, choreographed burger dances, and a ton of good vibes. Check out some of these behind-the-scenes moments to catch a glimpse at the making of this off-the-wall comedy!

In our first screening of the film to cast & crew last week, Von Der Ahe got to experience double the excitement as he took in the film for the first time as both writer and star. He posted a sweet tribute to the moment on Instagram, sharing his live reactions to watching the film for the first time. He writes, “I’m so proud of the film I got to work on for @disabilityfilmchallenge. Not only did I co-write, but I got to act in it too! It’s always been a dream of mine to see one of my scripts on the big screen!🎥”

Recently, we sat down with Von Der Ahe and his co-star, Brown, to discuss their experiences working on "The Odd Taste." Check out what they had to say in the videos below!

This is our third year participating in the Easterseals Disability Film Challenge. For the past three years, we have created three 5-minute films in 5 days for the challenge, including “Spectrum League”, “Hands”, and now, “The Odd Taste”! We are so proud of all the films we’ve produced for this challenge and can’t wait for you all to see our newest creation! It’s an honor to participate in this awesome opportunity that Nic Novicki, creator of the Disability Film Challenge, and his team provide for our communities.

Make sure to watch, share, and show some love to “The Odd Taste”! Available here:

We hope you have as much fun watching the film as we did making it!

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