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Spectrum Laboratory’s "Boys Don’t Wear Dresses" Celebrated by City of West Hollywood!

This April 15th, make your way over to Fiesta Hall at Plummer Park for a screening of Spec Labs’ short film, Boys Don’t Wear Dresses! In honor of Autism Acceptance Month, the city of West Hollywood’s Disabilities Advisory Board, Transgender Advisory Board, and Women’s Advisory Board are putting on a special community screening of Spec Labs’ award-winning film to celebrate the work of LGBTQ+ and Neurodiverse filmmakers.

Boys Don’t Wear Dresses is a coming of age fairytale that follows the struggles of an autistic, transgender artist exploring new experiences, independence, and love. The film was written by Aloni Schorin, a Spec Labs’ film student, with the help of director and Spec Labs co-founder, Jason Weissbrod, and is inspired by real events. The stars of the film include fellow Spec Labs students, Brandon Rodriguez, Spencer Harte, and Liv Brazill. They worked alongside veteran actors Tom Kenny, Alexandra Billings, and Carol Kane to bring Aloni’s story to life.

Since its release in 2019, Boys Don’t Wear Dresses has made the festival rounds with incredible success. The film was an official selection for nineteen different film festivals and took home ten awards overall, including Favorite Film at the Film Only Film 2021 festival and Best in Show at Wicked Queer 2022. Despite its numerous festival accolades, Boys Don’t Wear Dresses has yet to be screened at a live event. Due to COVID closures and quarantine, the film’s screenings and festival celebrations have been limited to virtual events–until now!

The April 15th event is finally giving us the chance to experience the joy of Boys Don’t Wear Dresses on the big screen and celebrate its success all together in one room. Head over early at 6 pm to find the best seats for this special viewing and get your picture taken on the red carpet. Join us at 7 pm to watch the film for the first time as it was meant to be enjoyed–in a theater full of people. Make sure to stick around after the show to enjoy an exciting Q&A session with the Boys Don’t Wear Dresses cast and crew. There will also be a bonus screening of Spec Labs’ new romantic short film, HANDS. You won’t want to miss it!

Reserve your spot and celebrate this momentous occasion with the Spec Labs community by sending an email to We can’t wait to see you there!

To learn more about the film visit:

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