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Step 1:

Describe Your World

What is your dreamworld? What is your favorite thing about this fantasy world? Who lives there? What type of a world is it? You'll begin by writing a  monologue describing your fantasy world. Monologue comes from two Greek words, monos, which means “alone,” and logos, which means “speech.” It is given by a single character in order to express their thoughts and ideas aloud. Monologues can be found in films, plays, and also in poetry. 

example: My world is very colorful and vibrant! There's lots of pipes that lead you into all different areas. Sometimes they're underground and sometimes they're in the ocean. There are all sorts of things you have to be careful to avoid, like toadstools and piranha plants. There is also a beautiful princess!

Step 2:

 Describe Your Main Character

Who is the main character in your world? Tell us about them and why they are so important to your story.

example: My name is Mario and I am a plummer with a remarkable mustache. I live in Super Marioworld! It's named after me because I'm a superhero, saving the princess that I love from the evil Browser...

Step 3:

What Challenges Does Your World Face? 

What problems occur in your world? What is the major conflict between your world and its people or inhabitants? Is there a villain? Tell us!

example: Bowser is unleashing goombas throughout the land. He's trying to take the world from us and steal my love, princess peach, for himself...

Step 4:

How Do You Find Peace In Your World?

How will you bring positivity and joy to your world? How will you overcome the challenges you face and remain strong? What makes your world happy and how does your main character contribute to keeping your world peaceful and happy?

example: I will stop at nothing to defeat Bowser and his goons! I will be a courageous hero and stomp on all of their heads!

Thanks for submitting!

If you would like to submit a video response for your monologue please send your video to 

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