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Jason Weissbrod, Spec Labs co-founder and head of film and acting departments, is featured in September's Shout Out LA magazine in the social impact column. Read the article here!

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Updated: Aug 19, 2021

Co-founder and Head of Music at Spectrum Laboratory, Garth Herberg, has just signed a lease to operate out of Fever Recording Studios in North Hollywood, starting September 1st. Spec Lab's voice over programs, led by Cathy McAuley, and all music programs, led by Garth, will now be based out of Fever. Sound artists at the Lab will have opportunities to work, learn and hone their craft in a fantastic new space! In February Garth began operating out of a smaller studio space in the North Hollywood area and he is now looking forward to this expansion into a more versatile and professional sound studio. Board-member Bob Demarco has been instrumental in this transition generously providing Spectrum Laboratory with a large portion of the sound equipment and instruments that will be used day to day in production and workshops.

Many artists at Spec Labs will have an opportunity to songwrite, record, engineer, compose and produce out of Fever beginning this Fall.

For inquiries about Spectrum Laboratory at Fever Recording Studios please email Garth at or

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Did you ever hear a song and think to yourself, "That's the coolest song in the world"? Well, it seems like that's exactly what Max McGinley has done in his attempt to cover "Rebel Rebel" by rock legend, David Bowie. While the blaring rock-and-roll instrumentation has been toned down from the original, the passion is still there! In 1974, "Rebel Rebel"'s declarations of gender-bending were seen as innovative and radical. Flash forward almost four and a half decades later, and the song's power can still be felt. Max might not be attempting to be revolutionary the way Bowie was, but Max is still clearly having fun here. And nothing's better than just having fun with what you do, right?!

Listen now:

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