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Begin by telling us a little about yourself

We'll offer you a handful of questions and you can give us a written response, a video made on your phone, a drawing, a picture, or any combination of the above.  

After we've gotten introduced, you will be scheduled for five different
90 minute sessions led by our team of mentors.
introduced, you will be scheduled for five different

Our mentors will guide you through an exciting and accessible process combining voice acting, music creation, filmmaking and creating visual art. We’ll support you and adapt this process according to your needs, your challenges, and unique abilities. The story of who you are will be transformed into a fantastic short video!


You'll have a chance to make new friends at every step of your creative journey.

During each mentor session you will work with one other student, listening and supporting each other as your mentor guides you both in the next steps of your project. Once you've finished your last mentor session we'll have a viewing party with everyone you've met sharing their transformational videos!

Here's some of the spectacular work our student's have done so far!

Domonique Brown

Caroline Corry

Micah Langdon

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Do you have questions? 

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