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Announcing Spec Lab's Custom Music Service!

Spectrum Laboratory has been working with autistic and neurodiverse musicians and artists since 2015. We are proud to announce fantastic custom music services available for hire! So far Spectrum Laboratory has worked with some great companies like Sesame Street, Exceptional Minds, Autism Live and Trousers Inc. We are currently looking to expand our network and meet new and wonderful clients! Our latest custom music reel highlights work from the truly inclusive Spec Labs community, featuring many professional musicians, as well as students that are transitioning into working professionally.

Head of Music and Co-founder of Spectrum Laboratory, Garth Herberg, recently launched a new, inclusive sound studio, The Anything Box, in September 2021 to expand Spectrum Laboratory's mission, providing a place where Spec Lab's musicians can gain experience working in a professional recording studio, transitioning from student to professional, engineering, composing, producing and performing for hire.

For inquiries hiring our custom music team please contact Garth at:

or visit our contact page here:

A tip of the hat to the musicians featured in projects you'll see in our custom music reel:

Chris Acevedo (engineer, bassist, multi-instrumentalist, composer), Sean McRae (multi-instrumentalist, composer), Lucas Salusky (engineer, composer, vocalist) Max McGinley (guitarist), Atticus Jackson (composer, vocalist, percussion arranger and multi-instrumentalist), Spencer Griffin (guitarist, composer), Maya Danovitch (composer), Atticus Baldwin (cello, voice), Domonique Brown (percussion, vocalist and multi-instrumentalist), Dan Reilly (ukulele), Emily Elkin (cello, vocalist, multi-instrumentalist), Kenny Becker (guitarist, multi-instrumentalist, vocalist), Julie Berghofer (harp), Liv Brazill (vocalist, multi-instrumentalist, composer), Spencer Harte (vocalist), Abbey Romeo Lutes (vocalist), Bob Demarco (studio guru, mixing and mastering engineer)

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