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Some More Good News & Use Your Imagination VR Music Video!

Headline - Some Good News Shared Spec Labs Video

Watch the Video NOW by CLICKING ON the image on the left below:

#SomeGoodNews with John Krasinski recently shared our Spec Labs Video:

on their Facebook Page

(currently over 20,000 views)


on their Instagram Story

(currently over 10,000 views)!

Use Your Imagination: an original virtual reality music video created by

#autistic​ & #neurodivergent​ musicians, singers, filmmakers & actors at Spec Labs in 2016!

It was the FIRST EVER Virtual Reality Musical Journey Through Autism and it currently has over 500,000 views on Facebook! Check it out by clicking on image below:

See all the fun with a gallery of cast and crew Behind-The-Scenes photos from the set of:

Use Your Imagination VR Music Video!!

Photo Credit: Jeff Lorch (check out his other work via Jeff Lorch Photography)

It was also an Official Selection at #SXSW​ film festival & premiered at #Sundance​ Film Festival for the #Oculus #VR​ for Good! It has over 500,000 views!! Click the poster & add a view too!!

And click on the screenshot below to learn more!!

LA Parent Magazine even wrote an article about Use Your Imagination

a few years back; check it out here:

And you can buy the song & album for Use Your Imagination by clicking on the image below:

The Spec Lab Family Testimonial video for this blog -- Nick Brode. Click the image below:

Check out Nick's music up on the Spec Lab Records page.

And don't forget to click the images below to WATCH -- Nick Brode's Music Video(s):

Sing Your Thoughts

Deep End

Some Other Good News;

a new online community group & wonderful open space for

LGBTQ+ neurodivergent folx (and their friends) is here!!

Tied Under The Rainbow' starts Tuesday evening @ 6 PM (PST)

and will be occurring every Tuesday at 6 PM (PST) in the near future!

RSVP right now by emailing the address on the FLYER and/or click on the

FLYER above and join the Facebook Group for Tied Under The Rainbow.

And click on the video below to learn more about who the

LGBTQ+ Neurodivergent Community Group is & what exactly they will do!

Go through our awesome collection curated by our very own students' artwork!

Come grab a mug, a t-shirt, and much more! Spec Labs gets a donation with every purchase, which will go towards art scholarships for our wonderful and talented students!

View our full collection here or by clicking on either image of our Merch above/below:

Remember to enroll in our free Mindfulness classes (Monday @ 12:00 PM & Friday @ 5:15 PM):

And be sure to view our new Mindfulness channel-- featuring Yoga, Sound Healing, Meditation & Mindfulness created for our students at Spec Labs. Be mindful & stay balanced!

Click on the image below of the Spec Lab Community to contact us:

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