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Some More Good News & Use Your Imagination VR Music Video!

Headline - Some Good News Shared Spec Labs Video

Watch the Video NOW by CLICKING ON the image on the left below:

#SomeGoodNews with John Krasinski recently shared our Spec Labs Video:

on their Facebook Page

(currently over 20,000 views)


on their Instagram Story

(currently over 10,000 views)!

Use Your Imagination: an original virtual reality music video created by

#autistic​ & #neurodivergent​ musicians, singers, filmmakers & actors at Spec Labs in 2016!

It was the FIRST EVER Virtual Reality Musical Journey Through Autism and it currently has over 500,000 views on Facebook! Check it out by clicking on image below:

See all the fun with a gallery of cast and crew Behind-The-Scenes photos from the set of:

Use Your Imagination VR Music Video!!

Photo Credit: Jeff Lorch (check out his other work via Jeff Lorch Photography)

It was also an Official Selection at #SXSW​ film festival & premiered at #Sundance​ Film Festival for the #Oculus