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Spectrum Laboratory's Voiceover Department Is Hard At Work With Speech Kingdom!

Speech Kingdom (, creators of an innovative language, cognitive and social learning application for the phone and computer, have hired on Spectrum Laboratory to provide talent and manage voiceover production. Under the direction of Spec Lab's Head of Voice Acting, and award winning actor Cathy McAuley, 14 voice acting students have been hired to work on the project so far.

Carlos - Domonique Brown

Emma - Emma Bathum

Ana - Ann Postlewaite (also a sound engineer on the project)

Jane - Caroline Taylor Corry

Maddie - Faith Butterfield

Charlie - Henry dodds

Joey - Jake Tashjian

Mark - Lucas Salusky (also a sound engineer on the project)

Hector - Luis Tirado

Friend - Micah Stumbaugh

Dad 1 - Tyler Berman

Dad 2 - Shane McKaskle

Sarah - Zoe Ramos

All of these artists are on the spectrum and most have been through years of speech therapy as well. Being hired and valued as a voice actor for Speech Kingdom represents a great victory in their lives and a professional milestone.

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