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Spectrum Laboratory’s Digital Storytelling Workshop Returns!

This summer, Spec Labs is bringing back its Digital Storytelling Workshop to help you create your own spectacular world! Team up online with Spec Labs’ mentors to bring original characters and stories to life in a fantasy world of your own design.

This hands-on program consists of five 60-minute sessions working one-on-one with Spec Labs’ instructors to make your story a reality. Each session will cover an important step in the storytelling process, from outline to final product.

Session One: Formulating Your Plot

The workshop’s first session will help you hone in on the original story for your short film. You’ll work with a writing instructor to pin down the details of your story’s plot. Together, you’ll brainstorm the people and places you want to exist within your world, and what that world might look like to viewers. From there, you’ll outline a script and be well on your way to sharing your story!

Session Two: Storyboarding Your Ideas

In session two, you’ll use the outline you created in the first session and build on it with the help of an art instructor. This session will help you determine how your story will translate visually to audiences. You’ll draft up illustrations and storyboard your ideas to plan out the different scenes and shots of your film.

Session Three: Scoring Your Film

Now that you’ve outlined the written and visual aspects of your story, it’s time to think about the musical tone you’d like to set for your film. In this session, you’ll work with a music instructor to create the score and underscore that will define your world. You might want a score that is upbeat and bouncy, or maybe your world is better suited to a calm, serene melody. This session is where these ideas will come to life!

Session Four: Crafting Your Voice

This session will give you the chance to breathe life into your characters with voiceover and narration techniques. You’ll get to practice voice acting and pick out the narrative style best suited for each of your characters.

Session Five: Your Story On-Screen

For the final session, you’ll use all of the progress you’ve made so far to bring your story off of the page and onto the screen. You’ll get the chance to select imagery to include throughout your film and even film original scenes that will be edited into your magical universe.

At the end of these five incredible sessions, your creative ideas will be passed onto our team of editors and compiled into a pride-worthy finished product. To celebrate the successful completion of your film, you’ll get to present your original story alongside other student creators at a viewing party and share your world for the first time in all its glory. Your short film will also be featured on our Spec Labs Youtube page for all to see!

Watch some of the work previously made in the program below and see how your world could come to life with the Spec Labs team. Visit Spec Labs’ Digital Storytelling Workshop page on Youtube to see more examples of the incredible student work made through this program.

This is Spec Labs’ third year of the Digital Storytelling program, and we hope, with your help, it will be our best yet! Follow this link or click on the banner below to find out how to enroll in this June’s Digital Storytelling Workshop and schedule the best session times for you. We can’t wait for you to be a part of the magic and help create your world!

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